Pamela's Potions All Natural Citronella Java Insect Repellent is for those who do not like the smell or feel of conventional bug spray.  Containing only natural essential oils such as citronella java, cedarwood, grapefruit and rosemary that repel mosquitoes, gnats, etc.  No harsh chemicals and no sticky, oily residue.

For best results spray on clothing and hair as needed when outside.  Totally safe for use on children & pets. Don't forget the pets...they get bitten too!

GF=Gluten Free        DF=Dairy Free         SF=Soy Free           NF=Nut Free

Insect Repellent
All Natural Bath, Body & Skin Care
Citronella Java Insect Repellent
Gluten, Soy, Mostly Nut & Dairy Free