Pamela's Potions All Natural Bath, Body & Skin Care products are made with skin nourishing, vitamin enriched oils such as olive, grapeseed and avocado rich in vitamins A and E.  Exfoliants including sea salt, raw cane sugar, corn meal and oatmeal slough away dead skin cells to reveal new radient skin.  Natural moisturizers including honey and cocoa butter are combined with herbal extracts to combat dry skin and blemishes.  A relaxing milk bath or dead sea mineral salt soak are the perfect way to end a stressful day.  Finish your nightly beauty routine with a skin nourishing body oil to lock in moisture and soothe the senses.  

Envelop your skin with the natural nourishment you deserve and your body craves.  Pamela's Potions are soothing to all of your senses and are good for the environment too.

Always chemical and parabin free!  Gluten, soy, mostly nut & dairy free too!  If you are allergic to any of these common allergens & are using skin care products containing your trigger allergen you are absorbing it into your body!  Pamela's Potions makes products free of theses common allergens.

Look for the Allergen Free Key & Symbols on each page!


                                 Give yourself the gift of beautiful skin this year....

                                                          don't you deserve it?

                                          Gluten, Soy, Mostly Nut & Dairy Free

                                 All products handmade locally on Long Island!

                                          No animal products or testing used...

                                                   Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly

All Natural Bath, Body & Skin Care 

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Gluten, Soy, Mostly Nut & Dairy Free
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